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Bought some mangoes from him. Very sweet and nice. Will buy again next time.

- Jing Jing

Farmer Nick’s quality of fruits are amazing! I ordered 20kg of mangoes and 4 pineapples, and both were amazingly sweet! We will definitely be ordering again.

- Lavinia Kwek

Lovely mangoes n pineapple I had yesterday, so juicy n tasted very different from the ones in the market, I am so looking forward to the next batch already!

- Chua Irene

The fruits are awesome and great

- Wazie Ahmad

Mangoes come nicely in a box.. all well packed and protected with the foam wrap. Extremely sweet and juicy mangoes! Add on: Pineapples are extremely sweet too!

- Dennis Wee

Mangoes are absolutely delicious!

- Amphigorey JY