We address local food production challenges in practical and innovative ways. Our aim is to improve food security with our sustainable farming method.

The Grow Tower

Working towards food security is an important goal for Singapore, especially with her heavy reliance on imported goods. Through localised community rooftop farms, NIC aims to: 1. Farm and sell farmed produce 2. Sell imported quality and fairly priced produce 3. Educate and raise awareness of farming within the community 4. Provide consultation services


We specialize in the design, build and operations of sustainable, efficient and modular farms within the community.Vegetables and fruits grown on our farms are 100% free from harmful chemical and are grown at least 30% more efficient.Our business is to create food security and educate locals for that cause.


We are not born farmers. We receive our farming knowledge from our ventures overseas in Cambodia and Vietnam. In addition to the do's and don'ts, we have developed our own method of sustainable farming combining the tried and tested with innovative solutions.


We know that food grown on unpolluted soil, with natural farming methodology will bring us healthy food. We act as stewards of this land, caring for its health to support yours.