Farmer Nick

Nicholas has been a proficient commercial farmer for more than 10 years. He set up Cambodia's first commercial scale composting and vermicomposting facility. His efforts have been recognised by former President Tan during his 2017 state visit, and was singled out as a promising entrepreneur.

Now, through Nature's International Commodity, he aims to improve Singapore's food security. His approach makes use of the Grow Tower, resulting in sustainable farming from innovative, as well as tried and tested methods.

Operations Team

Our dedicated people who made it happen together with us


Farm Manager

As farm manager, he enjoys building and optimizing systems. He oversees the daily running of the farm to ensure the the objectives of the farm and its obligations to the community and stakeholders are aligned. In education, he also evangelise soil-based urban farming concepts to whoever is willing to listen.


Asst Farm Manager

The assistant farm manager assists the farm manager in the daily operations of the farm as well as in education and administrative portion of the operations.


Farm Club Manager - Charis Chen

Starting as a volunteer, now Charis is our Farm Club manager. A woman of great inner strength, she brings fun and positive energy to the farm and leads the club with the same gusto as she does for life.